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Denmark's biggest online car auction

Sell your car in 24 hours

Sold or for free. We do the work.


Why choose Autocom.dk?

Sell within 24 hours

Enroll your car today and it might be sold tomorrow. 4,000 car dealers have access to bid. New auctions on all weekdays.

Secure payment

We approve all our buying dealers and make sure that you'll have a secure experience where you'll be paid at the handover of the car.

Personal help + guidance

We're ready to help and guide you all weekdays between 8:30 and 16:30. Call 70 20 16 61 or send an email

Sold or no fees

You're in control of the reserve price and you only pay a fee when your car is sold.
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How the car auction works

More than 100,000 Danes have used Autocom.dk to sell their cars since 2001
More good reasons to choose Autocom
Quick and easy, from home

No need to drive and visit a lot of car dealers to get a price for your car. You can do it quickly and easily from the convenience of your home.

No uncomfortable negotiations

Do you get nervous when you have to negotiate price with a potential buyer? Not with us. Auctions eliminate the need for negotiations.

Is the price right?

Have you tried getting an offer from a car dealer and not knowing if the offer is any good? No more uncertainty as the auction gives you the best offer from multiple dealers at once.

How to sell your car
Describe your car

You start by describing the car you want to sell. It's an easy process and we'll be guiding you all the way. Remember to upload images of your car as they'll help you achieve a much better price.

Set your reserve price

The reserve price is the lowest price for which you want to sell the car. If you are in doubt about the price level, our car sales experts are eager to help you (call 70 20 16 61). They can also tell you more about what price to expect before you enroll the car.

Sold or for free

It's free to enroll a car and you'll only pay a fee if your car is sold via Autocom.dk. So if we don't find a buyer for your car there are no costs.

Receive highest bid

When the 24 hours have passed, you'll receive an email with the highest bid. If the reserve price is reached, the car is sold. If not, you'll be given the opportunity to sell the car at the highest bid or try again at the next auction.

Handover car and receive your payment

Once the trade has been agreed, you and the buyer will receive a sales contract via email. From here you and the buyer agree on the time of the transfer, which typically takes place at your home. As payment, the Buyer brings a bank-checked check or cash.

Do you want to do it yourself or should we do it for you?

You create the car description and enroll the car yourself through our website. Our car sales experts are ready to help you if there is anything you are in doubt about.

Start my do-it-yourself enrollment

Let us do it

Let our car expert, Søren, come to your home and create the car description. Then you can spend the time on what you are best at while ensuring that the car is described correctly.

Then you agree with Søren about the reserve price and he enrolls the car at the auction.

This service costs DKK 2,500 incl. VAT in addition to the regular sales fee. The sales fee is only to be paid when the car is sold.

Call 70 20 16 61 or send an email.

Tired of waiting?
Enroll today. Sell tomorrow.

Prices and fees
Sold or no fees - you set the reserve price

We'll charge a fee only when your car is sold. If the car is not sold there is no fee. The fee size depends on the reserve price you set at enrollment.

All prices shown in the fee overview to the right include Danish VAT (moms).

Fee overview

Reserve price Fee*
DKK 0 - 9,999 DKK 1,760
DKK 10,000 - 49,999 DKK 2,560
DKK 50,000 - 99,999 DKK 2,960
DKK 100,000 - 149,999 DKK 3,260
DKK 150,000 - 199,999 DKK 3,810
DKK 200,000 - 299,999 DKK 4,460
DKK 300,000 - higher DKK 5,160

*There is a DKK 40 incl. VAT charge for each invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who buys my car?

70 20 16 61

Only professional car dealers are allowed to buy on Autocom.dk. All car dealers must be approved by us before they can bid. This ensures that you only meet buyers that we approve and vouch for.


Will my car be test-driven?

70 20 16 61

Your car will be test-driven once, and that is at the handover to the buyer. He or she buys the car as possessed and is therefore entitled to drive a short trip in the car. The buyer wants to make sure that the car is as described.


What happens at the handover?

70 20 16 61

When your car is sold, it must be handed over to the buyer. The transfer is agreed directly between you and the buyer. We advise you to arrange the transfer during our opening hours when we have the opportunity to help you. Our car sales experts are always ready with good advice and can be your ally in a possible after-sales dialogue with the buyer.


Will I get a better price if I sell the car privately?

70 20 16 61

Selling the car privately may give you a better price. However, there is also more work and risk associated with it.

You must, among other things, agree on test rides with potential buyers, negotiate price, and ensure the buyer's identity and payment.

With us, the price is agreed upon in advance and you save a lot of time and inconvenience.


Will I get a better price if I trade with a dealer?

70 20 16 61

The exchange price you are offered at a car dealer can sometimes seem more attractive. But typically you will also find that there is not so much to negotiate about on the car you would like instead.

The most economical solution is to sell your old car before buying a new one. This allows you to negotiate on both cars and not just one.

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About us

Autocom is an online car auction.

The principles are the same as at a traditional auction with hammer blows and bids from interested buyers. With us, everything happens online and within 24 hours.

We, therefore, act as the link between you who want to sell a car and the car dealer who wants to buy a car.

Over the years, we have sold more than 100,000 cars, and today Autocom.dk is Denmark's oldest and most experienced online car auction.